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On the academic front we offer an Academic Support Programme (ASP). Every teacher puts aside a specific time each week to assist pupils who are struggling in their subject, or for those who have missed lessons due to illness. We urge pupils to make use of this opportunity and to seek help before falling behind.
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A group of senior pupils with good academic skills have offered to help students who need academic assistance when it is convenient to both parties. See Mrs. Pillay for details.
Experienced teachers look after each Grade. They take charge of all academic and disciplinary matters pertaining to pupils in their Grade as well as being available to help pupils if required. Should parents or pupils have queries or need advice the Grade Tutor is the person to contact.
This is a programme specially devised for pupils who need to improve their reading skills. Mrs. Pillay is the teacher in charge and is assisted by a number of other teachers on different days. Pupils who want to improve their reading and understanding skills are urged to contact Mrs. Pillay regarding this programme. History has proved that reading competence is essential for academic achievement.

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