The Wendywood High School uniform is one of the ways that the school is identified in the greater community, because of this great pride is taken by learners to always be looking their best.

The learners are allowed to dress in a white shirt, either open neck or formal. If the formal shirt is opted for the Wendywood school tie must be worn. The dark blue school blazer with the school emblem on the pocket must be worn at all times.

Girls are allowed to wear either grey trousers or a grey skirt with white socks and black shoes. The boys are to wear grey trousers, with grey socks and black shoes.

In cold weather a dark blue jersey or pullover is allowed, together with a grey school beanie and a grey school scarf.

Grade 12 learners are allowed to wear the “Matric Jacket” for that year.

Hair is to be neat and tidy and kept away from the face, with no extreme hairstyles or colours allowed.